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Thema: 25.01.2018 / GPLRACER 55 / Race 01 / Buenos Aires 1955 (

Geschrieben von: paul skingley am: 06.01.18, 19:04:36

Buenos Aires 1955
Circuito N. 2 (ba55n2)

GPLRACER 1955 Fun Cup


- 25.01.2018
- 20:30 CET
- 32 Runden [laps] -> ca. 45 min.
- Int/long mode (free use of Shift-R without penalty)
- iGOR Chatroom: #GPLRACER

Note: We do not use the 60 FPS patch on our server. Please untick the 60 FPS patch in GEM+ before you join our server.

55 Fun Cup 2018 Season (Rules, tracks, dates)

1955 mod download:
1955 track conversions & updates download:
-> I recommend to use the complete track folders!

GPL 1955 mod website:
-> Install the 55 mod update patch, in case you haven`t done yet!

A GPLRACER server is online 24/7 at iGOR.

If you don`t see a racelist in iGOR make sure you have the latest IP. See here:

Read about our new mini server and how to donate here:

[Time Zones]:

Anmeldung 55
[Sign up]

Grid 55


Track Download

Track Updates

**DOWNLOAD** --> All addon tracks & updates for the GPLRACER 2018 season (2 GB)
Click here to download
(Or copy the link below and paste it in your browser)
-> now with the 1955 F1 mod fun cup tracks and updates

-> Use the very good default 1955 mod setups and adjust them to your liking.

Reko Investigation
Eine Reko-Untersuchung kann nur 12-48 Stunden nach dem Rennen angefordert werden, andernfalls erfolgt keine Bearbeitung.
[You can only submit an incident to the reko 12-48 hours after the race, otherwise it will not be treated.]

Shift times faster then GPL default values are illegal.
Please download Fairshift 2.1
Race admins will check replays for illegal shift times.

GPLRACER Regeln [rules]
Neue faire Fahrer sind immer willkommen.
[New fair drivers are always welcome.]

Empfohlenes Fahrer Verhalten (GPL)
[Recommended Driver Behavior]


Start zone:

Start zone goes to turn 3 (the 180 degree right hand turn).

Good luck & fun!
Stefan and Paul
(1955 Fun Cup Admin)

Geschrieben von: Erik vd Heijden am: 07.01.18, 21:53:39
This looks really cool!

However the 2GB download link doesn't work for me, is the file already avalaible?

Geschrieben von: paul skingley am: 07.01.18, 23:12:31
Hi Erik.

Do you need the 55mod or the track or both ?


Geschrieben von: Erik vd Heijden am: 07.01.18, 23:18:22
Hey Paul,

I've got the mod and the tracks, but I want to make sure I've got exactly the same updates for each track as everyone else.

Because I understand it could cause problems if people have different (graphical) updates of a track?

Geschrieben von: paul skingley am: 07.01.18, 23:28:39
There is a link to the track in the above post.

If you already have it and the 55mod you are ready to roll freuen

btw, until we fix the problem, the 2GB file link will work if you copy/paste it to your browser.


Geschrieben von: Erik vd Heijden am: 08.01.18, 17:02:21
Thank you, I've got the 2Gb file withh all the used tracks and updates now.

Geschrieben von: Clive Loynes am: 10.01.18, 20:36:22
I see that Paul is sandbagging on the grid list again. ;-)

I shall be entering but haven't decided on a car yet.