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Thema: Reko 65 - Monza 10k - 05.12.2017 (

Geschrieben von: REKO am: 11.12.17, 07:49:01
Reko 65 - Monza 10k - 05.12.2017



Start Zone

There were no drivers with penalty in this race.

Reko Mail
The Reko did not receive any reko mail.

Shift times
Shift times were OK for all drivers.

This was the final race for the 1965 mod cup season. We congratulate "Yannick Verheijen" for winning the championship.
Also congratulations to the runner up "Roo" and third place "Uli Hofmann".
We thank all drivers for participating and hope to CU on track next season.

The Reko

Geschrieben von: roo am: 11.12.17, 08:13:35
thanks for all your work this season Reko freuen

Geschrieben von: pmercal am: 11.12.17, 19:02:35

Thanks for everything Reko!


Geschrieben von: AlainMaurice am: 12.12.17, 12:50:22
Thx Reko Man freuen

Geschrieben von: GrandPrixYannick am: 12.12.17, 13:09:39
Thx for all the work reko.

Geschrieben von: Pedro am: 12.12.17, 21:10:53
Thanks Reko!!

Don't get me wrong but its abid sad to say that your work is still needed after all these years and with all the experience we drivers have.

Glad to see there was a milder kind of judgement this year.
Thank you all involved.