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Bathurst, Mount Panorama
Australian Grand Prix



- 22.01.2019
- 20:30 CET
- 20 Runden [laps] -> ca. 45 min.
- Professional -> No Shift-R
- iGOR Chatroom: #GPLRACER

Note: We do not use the 60 FPS patch on our servers. Please untick the 60 FPS patch in GEM+ before you join our servers.

Ein GPLRACER-Server ist rund um die Uhr bei iGOR online.
[A GPLRACER server is online 24/7 at iGOR.]

Wenn du keine Rennliste in iGOR sehen kannst, stelle sicher, dass du die neueste IP hast. Siehe hier:
[If you don`t see a race list in iGOR make sure you have the latest IP. See here:]

Read about our new mini server and how to donate here:

[Time Zones]:

Anmeldung 65
[Sign up]

Grid 65


[Password race]

Das Passwort wird per E-Mail an die Fahrer mit registrierter PB für das Rennen am Renntag gesendet.
Es wird auch im GPLRACER Chatroom in iGOR bekannt gegeben.
[The password will be sent by e-mail to drivers with registered PB for the race on race day.
It will also be announced in the GPLRACER chatroom in iGOR.]

Track Download

Track Updates

**DOWNLOAD** --> All addon tracks & updates for the GPLRACER 2019 season (1.3 GB)
(if the link should not work please copy the link and paste it in your browser)


Reko Investigation
Eine Reko-Untersuchung kann nur 12-48 Stunden nach dem Rennen angefordert werden, andernfalls erfolgt keine Bearbeitung.
[You can only submit an incident to the Reko 12-48 hours after the race, otherwise it will not be treated.]

Shift times faster then GPL default values are illegal.
Please download Fairshift 2.1
Race admins will check replays for illegal shift times.

GPLRACER Regeln [rules]
Neue faire Fahrer sind immer willkommen.
[New fair drivers are always welcome.]

REMINDER: It is not allowed to cut corners. Always drive with two wheels on the asphalt.

Empfohlenes Fahrer Verhalten (GPL)
[Recommended Driver Behavior]


Start zone:

Good luck & fun!
Marcel & Stefan
(1965 Cup Directors)

Übung macht den Meister, aber mir macht es nur Spaß. freuen
05.01.19, 13:36:10
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Stefan Roess


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This race announcement is now also in the new forum:

GPL Easy Installation Guide
GPL Empfohlenes Fahrer Verhalten
05.01.19, 14:10:51
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Erik vd Heijden


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A bit of a warning for those who use the recently released 1965 update; the rev needle is off by more than 500 rpm on some cars. So if you use that as a reference you will overheat the engine.

Update: Lee200 has made a patch that fixes the needle position.

Can be found here:
11.01.19, 20:35:04
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