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Reko 65 - Riverside 1966 - 23.10.2018



Start Zone race 1
Robert Fleurke, starting from pole position, bogs down the start.
Piero Mercaldo, starting from P3 goes of his line to overtake but overlooks Paul Skingley.
Paul had a much better start and is already beside and in front of him.
Piero his right front tyre touches Paul his left rear and spins him around collecting Robert and initiating a start crash.
Several drivers are involved and 1/3 of the field has to retire. After a few laps, Admins decide to shutdown the server and restart the race.

Reko decision: Piero Mercaldo - Red card penalty, causing an accident in the start zone, no qualification penalty for the next 65 race he participates in.

Start Zone race 2

There was one driver, Jani Posta, with a red card penalty. His race was reviewed. No incidents.

Reko Decision: Jani Posta - Green status.

Reko Mail
The Reko did not receive any reko mail.

Shift times
Shift times were OK for all drivers.

Bastian Grup qualified 2x with Brabham in the first race but choose a Lotus in the second one?
In the first race we had an open spot on the grid because of the two entries.
Jan Melissen started from pitlane just behind the starting line and therefore misses one lap. He finished on P10. Results have been adjusted.

The Reko

31.10.18, 17:56:15
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Bastian Grupp


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I was having trouble with the brabham so i switched to Lotus sorry.

I had to reconnect in practice like many times before (and others do as well) but i was already on 36 fps, no GEM-switching. i don't know why i wasn't recognized and made a second entry?
01.11.18, 14:21:38
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Good news .. I hope it will be fun to leave last in Assen
Thanks Reko:)
01.11.18, 17:17:05
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Jan Melissen


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Thx Reko
06.11.18, 19:54:30
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