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Grats Pavel and Pedro for podium.

And another victory.
Finally, I seem to know now how I have to handle the Mercedes. freuen
But still, I had one crash (with Paul) and 3-4 spins by myself and some light contact on the walls.

A big sorry to Paul for crashing into you. I didn`t expect that you slow down so much at the easy left bend after Curva Carpinteri. I let you re-pass and managed to overtake you again 1-2 laps later. Sadly you got involved in another accident with Bastian and you left the race. I guess we could have had some nice fights. freuen

I am looking forward to the final race:
11.12.2018 - Monza 10k 1955 conversion (monza10k)

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14.11.18, 15:47:07
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Ales Sirny


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Hi guys,

so far I really enjoyed racing with you with 55 mod. About race at Syracuse. No hard feeling Clive. As I saw your crash corner before, I assume you were out of brakes so instead of closing door in next corner, I should leave them wide open and watch how you would hit the barrier freuen

Thanks to the crash I began to catch others and in the end I was just two second from third position.

Anyway, do you have some setup tips? I noticed at Outlon and Syracuse, that everybody has better topspeed then me (I drove Merc at Outlon and Lancia at Syracuse) and in both races, I have by far slowest accleration. I only adjust gear ratios and fuel in setup, but as next race is in Monza, I´m afraid to be death last on straights.

16.11.18, 13:44:15
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