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Hi guys.
A few days back I noticed my PC was taking too long to boot windows.
Normally it boots windows in 4 to 5 seconds ( SSD ) but now it was taking over a minute.

I have Avast security program so I did a full scan....nothing.

So I tried Malewarebytes which is also on my system but not the default AV.
Malewarebytes found "DelUS.bat" on my system drive.

I Googled the file and found it is a clean up .bat which is used during uninstall. It should delete itself when finished.
But some hackers are using the DelUS.bat file name to distribute their maleware.

I quarantined the file and rebooted. Now back to my 5 second boot.
Finally I went back to Malewarebytes and permanently deleted the file.

I have no idea what the file was doing other than slowing my boot time drastically. But I did notice my slave HDD was active during boot which is not normal because my OS is on the SSD. That is back to normal after removing the file.


28.06.18, 17:44:19
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Thanks for the info Paul!
28.06.18, 22:01:23
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