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Erik vd Heijden


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geändert von: Erik vd Heijden - 22.05.18, 22:39:47

Happy with my first podium. Had some close calls, including fights with Piero who was driving a bit reckless.

Seeing the race unfold in front of me I saw similair actions in his fights with Paul and Robert.
It was nice for me because I gained positions when they spun, but that's not much fun.
22.05.18, 22:13:31
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Sorry for the contact in the end Pedro, I tried to go for the gap but was too optimistic.
Not the race to remember for me, too many mistakes.
Congrats podium, thanks admins.
22.05.18, 22:18:25
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paul skingley


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Reg. Datum: 04.01.08

The pace up front was fast. I could not catch a good tow so my best was a low 32 giving me 5th on the grid.

The start went well.
Alain made a bad start so I passed him easily and almost got Erik before T1 but I worried him enough to make a pass on the exit giving me third.

I tagged onto Robert and Piero for as long as I could but gradually lost the tow and pace which let Erik close the gap to me.
Around half distance Piero went off at Abbey and dropped behind Erik. By now Robert was 7 seconds ahead of me and Erik close behind.

I could see in the distance Robert starting to catch a back marker but then at Woodcote he was off the track and facing the barrier so now I am leading.

I could hold the gap to Erik but when Piero passed Erik I knew he could go faster than me and expected him to catch me quickly so I was thinking 2nd would be a good result, but I decided to make a race of it and make Piero work for the place.

Piero passed and I re-passed. It was all good fun until with only 4 or 5 laps remaining Piero was close enough to try a pass into T1. I could see him coming so I gave him all the room he needed on the right but he made a mistake and pulled out too late, hit my right rear and spun me out...... thanks

My car hit the banking but stayed on all fours so I could continue now down to 4th place but the suspension or a tire was damaged which lost me 2 seconds a lap.
Luckily Andi was some distance behind so I could still finish 4th.

Shit happens I guess.

Thanks Admins for organising and hosting.
See you next race.

22.05.18, 22:31:43
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ulrich Hofmann


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Reg. Datum: 02.01.08

geändert von: ulrich Hofmann - 22.05.18, 23:09:47

nice to watch practice freuen from the pits ...
easy going from the back of the grid
fair overtaking with Jan and Marcel
But in woodcote Natan stood in the middle of the street, I could not avoid traurig a frontal crash followed, the end for Natan but not for me?????
My car was totally ok, who understand GPL damage modell ...
I had to catch Jan and Marcel again and had a very fine fight with Carlos in the last laps, BIG FUN THX to you Carlos, lets do it again freuen
GRATS podium
cu you all next, hope to have that great grid again!!!
22.05.18, 22:59:27
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Robert Fleurke


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Reg. Datum: 30.12.13

Happy Birthday Yannick!

Quali went well, in my first run bettered every lap down to 1m31.5s and decided to sit out and do some racelaps late in quali.

However knew I would encounter problems either with the balance and/or tires in racetrim. Also 3rd gear was too short for Copse, and 4th gear too tall, but decided not to make last minute tweaks and trust the old setup.

Start went well, and Piero stayed close first laps, after making a mistake in Copse he was able to outbrake me into Becketts. I decided to be patient rather than to force the issue. But Piero went off a lap later out of Abbey, and inherited the lead again. From then on pushed a bit more, and Piero lost the tow, and lost more time. However just before halfway had a couple of bad laps, lost focus, and touched the inside at Woodcote and spun off. Just was able to stay in front of Roo and Stefan.

From then on pushed but overheated my LF tire, creating too much understeer. Still had a good pace and felt I might catch Erik, who was P3 at that point. Paul and Piero were fighting and also gained on them. Then Piero rearended Paul into Copse. Towards the end of the race got by Erik who went off at Chapel, and then caught up with Piero. In the penultimate lap he braked too late at Stowe corner, and spun at the outside. I was able to get by and take the checkered flag a lap later.

Lucky win, my mistake made for a nice chase. Tough luck for Paul, he was faultless and deserved a shot a the win IMO. Well done Erik and Piero for podium. Good job finishers, commiserations to the DNFs. Thanks all for racing and for organizing zwinkern

Racing is like life, when you get up one more time than you fall, you'll make it through - Alan Kulwicki (1954-1993)

My GPL Ranks
22.05.18, 23:48:13
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Carlos Cendejas


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Reg. Datum: 13.01.17

geändert von: Carlos Cendejas - 23.05.18, 01:46:34

Sorry if i messed someones lap during qualy.

Grats to Robert Erik & Piero.

My race was between 10th & 12th position the 1/3th of the race. The 2/3th was in 12th position by myself but watching the pribluda and noticing that Ulrich was getting closer. The 3/3th of the race i made a mistake and Ulrich got real close. Suddenly my race turn in to a great battle between Ulrich and me for 12th.

Thank you Ulrich for such a great fun. I had been trying to do less than 1:34:--- for most of the practice i did and i could make it in those final laps we had, so thank you for that. lachen

Im sure will have more great battles Ulrich. Just let me figure it out "more" this 65 mod which is my weakest. Still trying to figure it out... Still trying to figure it out... mit Augen rollen

Cheers to all!
23.05.18, 01:39:33
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marco mercaldo


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Reg. Datum: 09.02.17

my apologies to GRUPP I'm sorry to have damaged you, but my post was not related to you, .... ROO hit me, and it was impossible for you to avoid me.....
23.05.18, 06:04:47
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Andi Stangl


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Reg. Datum: 26.12.07

This was my first race where I used the clutch pedal as breaking device. Sounds weird, but I suffered many problems over the last 1-2 years with the breaking pedal and I had no control over the car during breaking in particular.

First impression was positive and I had much more control during breaking and my quali went well despite the new situation.

Start went well for me but I was breaking with great caution and very early which was maybe very irritating especially for Roo who was on my back and breaked very late zwinkern
I lost two positions in Clubs Corner after a spin but could regain 5th position because of some mistakes of people ahead.
Then I had a great fight with Alain, Roo and Stefan. That was super fun and the first time for me that I could fight for a position and chase the car in front without the huge breaking problems from the past. I still have to get used to the long way the clutch pedal goes, but it helps me a lot to apply breaking much more sensitive.
I lost 5th place after the same mistake in Clubs Corner and dropped back to 8th, but overall I am very happy that I have back car control and can race against you guys much better than before freuen

Thanks to the backmarkers who did a good job for me and big thank you to the Admins!
23.05.18, 09:36:07
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Bastian Grupp


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Reg. Datum: 18.01.11

geändert von: Bastian Grupp - 23.05.18, 10:38:51

Zitat von marco mercaldo:
my apologies to GRUPP I'm sorry to have damaged you, but my post was not related to you, .... ROO hit me, and it was impossible for you to avoid me.....

Sorry, i was upset last night.

Well, Quali went well and i hoped to compete around pos. 7-10.

Start was good and i was very careful, but
I had no sight to marco when roo suddenly moved and probably touched marco (?), there was no space to avoid or to anticipate very exactly he moves.

I was still lucky to survive, heavy shunt, near to upside down twice, when marco hit me again, over the railing and back on all wheels on track site.

The engine was losing power ~ 10 km/h on the back straight or 2 seconds/ lap.

Just driving it home without competition.
23.05.18, 10:37:44
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Reg. Datum: 17.11.15

Firstly, my apologies to Marco & Bastian & whoever else got affected by the incident. I did not expect someone ahead of me on the grid (ie clearly faster than me) to lift/brake so much at Woodcote. I did my best to avoid Marco. Unfortunately I clipped his rear tyre & he collected Bastian. Not the start any of us want traurig

After that I had a fun race with Stefan, Andi, Laurent, maybe even some other too, I was amongst cars the whole race & saw the chequered flag for the first time in what seems like a while.

There were close moments as Andi said & mistakes from me which doesn't help. Overall, happy to see the flag, disappointed by the contact.

Grats podium, thanks admins freuen

The House
The House on Vimeo
23.05.18, 12:04:10
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Reg. Datum: 08.01.10

Zitat von RomanZ:
Sorry for the contact in the end Pedro, I tried to go for the gap but was too optimistic.
Not the race to remember for me,

Same here Roman, apolagies accepted!

Being carfull with spinning cars infront of me I lost positions.
Trying not blowing the engine did the rest.
Luckely no tech problems freuen

Thanks for hosting Marcel and Stefan, cu all next time.
23.05.18, 20:02:59
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Reg. Datum: 28.01.17

Congratulations to Robert and Erik

Forgive me Paul I'm so sorry because I did not really want to overtake ..
I was having a lot of fun because you never give up.
I felt guilty I was convinced you had retired, I lost my concentration and immediately arrived the great Robert and Erik who for my mistake overcame me.
I'm glad you at least managed to get 4

I'm not satisfied with the qualifications of the race, unfortunately I arrived at home running after 800 km by car and I was merged ..

However, as always, I enjoyed it and so it's okay

Thank you
23.05.18, 20:34:17
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Stefan Roess


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Reg. Datum: 19.11.07

Nice, we had no lags. freuen
The only lags I had was when drivers left the server. When a client leaves the server I get massive lags, so bad that I can`t see any car for a moment. One time I almost crashed into roo. mit Augen rollen
But that is a known problem without a fix so far. It is realted to graphics driver and GPL fonts.


I only managed Pos. 11 on the grid.
Amazing 1:31.xx times in front. zunge raus

When the field had sorted I had serveral laps a nice close fight with roo. One time he made a little error so I could pass him. I hope I didn`t block you when you tried to re-overtake some laps later?
I made up a little gap to roo and Andi but then I had a massive spin at Abbey corner (the fast left hander before the last straight before s/f) as I touched the curbs inside. Luckily I didn`t hit anything. Andi and roo passed me.
Close to the end Andi had a spin (that was really bad luck) which put me back to pos 6. freuen

Overall a nice race with a better result than expected.
There are too many alien drivers in front. lachen

Grats to the podium.
Thx to all for a nice and fair race.
And my compassion to those who didn`t finish.

GPL Easy Installation Guide
GPL Empfohlenes Fahrer Verhalten
24.05.18, 15:07:59
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Reg. Datum: 27.11.11

geändert von: paul skingley - 29.05.18, 13:26:19

29.05.18, 07:48:51
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