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I was lucky, disco has graced and favored me, so I arrived third.
My apologies to Natan for the contact at T2, I saw him in front of me, his car appeared and disappeared, as he had some connection problems, it was difficult for me to understand the real distance from him, but I did not think for overtake him.Braking I lost a bit of grip, so I found myself on him....(fortunately he could finish the race)......anyhow sorry again...
10.05.18, 09:04:25
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Too many mistakes made it a lonely race, trying to catch up and then loosing time again after a half spin.
Congrats to the winners and finished drivers.

I am from the Netherlands with a 200down/20up cable connection.
My old PC and now GPLRACER8 server: Windows Vista, E4500 CPU @2.20GHz, 4GB RAM, ATI HD2600 PRO.
My current PC: Windows 10, i5-7400 CPU @3.00GHz, 8GB RAM, AMD Radeon R7 340.

I saw no warping cars in my race on grid2 and had no frame drops in the race. Solid 36FPS!!

Greetings, Marcel

Übung macht den Meister, aber mir macht es nur Spaß. freuen
10.05.18, 11:30:20
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Zitat von Lance deBoyle:
WOWZER! What a terrific punch-up with Roman on Grid #2! freuen

Hearty grats to him on the victory despite my attempts to crash him out. Sorry about that. Not by design.

My first attempt to wrestle the lead from him on Lap 17 smacked of the infamous collision between G. Hill/Bandini in Mexico, '64. While not exactly a mirror-image of that incident, the similarity is in my attempting to close off the inner lane after a dive-bomb pass for the lead going into T2. I shot a bit wide, smashed it down into 2nd gear and tried to pinch off any chance of Roman getting inside of me. Bugger! He was already there! A spin for each of us but I emerged with the lead and decided to press on seeing that he'd recovered quickly and was taking up the chase. It didn't surprise a bit when he caught me later in the same the lap and re-took the lead at the S/F line.

With just two laps to run, I was again on his tail approaching T2. This time, I'd out-fox him with a feint to the inside making him cover low and get out of position for the exit. Then I'll pounce and take the lead on the run over to T4. Trouble was, that little feint move turned into a full-blown commitment as I couldn't bring the Cooper back to heel. Skated off onto the infield as we got to the corner and fearing that I'd spear him proper amid-ships, the only thing to do was release the brake and fall on my sword. I skipped through thankfully missing the Brabham and ran out onto the grassphalt. I lost a fair bit of time in recovery and decided to chill it for the duration. Enough with the daring-do. freuen

Nice drive, Roman. Bad luck...again...on the disco, Bas.

Nicely put freuen
I felt pretty comfortable in the opening laps but started to struggle somewhat with the overheating tires in the second half, not sure if I would be able to keep in front if you weren't driving a Cooper zwinkern That contact in turn 2 could've been dangerous, thankfully this time the collision box worked as it should. I still enjoyed the battle very much, thank you freuen

Shame about the freezes. I didn't have any issues and my connection seemd completely stable.
11.05.18, 14:44:06
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16.05.18, 07:33:30
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