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Wel put Uli freuen

1e Yannick
2e Roo
3e Uli (lucky bastard zwinkern )
4e Paul
08.12.17, 16:19:32
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ulrich Hofmann


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hey you exhonda driver
you know it, luck is what a honda driver need the most zwinkern
THX to you Pedro freuen

08.12.17, 22:26:00
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Reko report is posted.
11.12.17, 07:49:45
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Stefan Roess


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Zitat von Pedro:

I apologie to Stefan for hitting you after you spun (victom off ...?).
I saw you to late (was watching the other one?) Sorry for my late reaction, luckely we could drive further.

Marcel, Stefan, Paul and all others involved in providing us a excelent Racing event, Thanks you so much!!!

No problem Pedro.
I have to say sorry that I got on the green on the outside of T1 and spun. I haven`t watched the replay, but I guess you had almost no chance to avoid me. We were both luck that we could go on.
After that crash I was out of slipstream tow had no chance to catch up to the cars in front anymore. At least I managed to finish.

Thx for your kind words to the admins. freuen

Grats to the podium and cup winner!

65 constuctor table:

GPL Easy Installation Guide
GPL Empfohlenes Fahrer Verhalten
11.12.17, 10:19:46
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In what was (in my opinion) a season to look back on, and I thought it may be a fun idea, I made a driv65.ini based on the season.
I used the GPL Driver Editor to fill in the details of the drivers
and build the skill roughly based on their qualifying and race performances of the season, and a bit of past experience, on two demicals.
For that I used the statistics found on GPL Weekly.
It isn't all 100% accurate, so there are a few things that can be patched.

I did one 'test season' with it on Int Long, and I think the results on are decently accurate. There are a few things in need of fixing.
So it would be cool if some may like to try (and maybe feedback/improve?) it!

Few notes:
- Chosen drivers largely based on # of appearances.
- Many drivers used the same car, there were like, I dunno, eight for the BT11. To have more variety in the field with more different cars I sent a couple to a BT7. And a Lotus-driver to the T77.
- Because I do not understand all things in the .ini (like hype, magic grip, reliability), I have left some of these things unedited, which may affect some of the accuracies.
- Pictures are from the Michel Vaillant carset, I have not edited those.
- Some drivers had nationalities that are not in the game, so I gave them 'Monaco' as nationality. I may have set some other info incorrectly.
- The race numbers are randomly based of what I thought that number suits the driver. No idea which one you like best.

Have fun with it freuen

Link (contains .ini + test season results):

GPL is a drug. And I'm an addict.
26.01.18, 21:50:40
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Truly a nice idea Yannick,very funny..
Maybe I was so strong !!

Thanks and congratulations

27.01.18, 16:30:40
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