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Reko 65 - Tsukuba 2004 - 10.10.2017

There was a chat after qualifying from Roman Zherebtsov, asking if a certain driver wasn't supposed to start from the back.
Paul Skingley confirmed that. The driver in question therefore hesitated at the start and did not respond on the green flag.
A big start crash was the result. And this is one of the reasons why you are not allowed to chat during and in between qualification and race!!
The Reko will deal with these matters after the race.

Piero had a Red Card with a no qualification penalty. The penalty was explained by Anders Ostlund in the forum:
"You are not allowed to do any qualification laps at all in the next 65 mod race you participate in and have to start from the back of the grid".
Marcel Gerris explained his race would be reviewed: "Your race will be reviewed. With no incidents you recieve the green status again".
But Piero joined anyway and qualified on pole.
Reko Decision: Piero Mercaldo - Red Card Penalty, ignoring a penalty, no qualification penalty with start from the pitbox for the next 65 race he participates in.

Piero, after joining the server, you are not allowed to go to the track in qualifying/practice.
Afterwards, during the 30sec countdown, you are not allowed to push the green button and go to the grid.
You have to wait until the green flag drops and all the drivers are on there way.
The green button will show up again and then you can join to start from the pitbox.

Start Zone
Piero had a bad start and was overtaken by Stefan Roess on the inside and Roman Zherebtsov on the outside.
In T1, Piero brakes late and drives side by side with Stefan making it three wide into the corner. Roman holds the dark racingline.
There is collision box contact between Piero and Roman. Both can continue.
Reko Decision: No further action, Piero already has a penalty.

There was one drivers with penalty in this race. Piero Mercaldo his penalty is already reviewed under qualification.

Reko Mail
The Reko did not recieve a mail.

Shift times
Shift times were OK for all drivers.

For personal reasons Marcel was to busy in RL and did not check the grid and starting procedure.
Therefore it was not before Monday, Paul discovered the flagman was not doing his job properly. He fixed and posted it on the forum.
In chat everyone on time was asked to install the fix.
Because of the large number of drivers involved in the start crash, Stefan decided to stop the race and restart the server.
All in all, it was a bit hectic because other drivers were chatting in the raceroom.
There was no need for that with four admin members in this race.

The Reko

17.10.17, 17:41:25
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Hello to all,
I misunderstood the phrase Marcel read at 20.32 and to which I also replied thanking that he said, "Your race will be re-examined and without incident you will receive the green status again."
Using the translator the messenger made it clear that there would be a review of the Zeltweg race and that for Tsukuba I would have had a green flag!
I'm wrong and I apologize to everyone.

I confess I did not know how to depart from Pit Lane.
Thank you
17.10.17, 20:29:15
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Charles Young


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Zitat von pmercal:

I confess I did not know how to depart from Pit Lane.

You must wait for the start. Once all the cars have passed by the pits, the green button will appear again. Thus, you will start from the pit lane.

Hope this helps.
18.10.17, 02:49:50
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Thx Charles!

18.10.17, 18:53:34
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