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What a laugh freuen

Sorry for the bump Bastian!

Cu next race.

11.10.17, 22:33:34
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ulrich Hofmann


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geändert von: ulrich Hofmann - 11.10.17, 22:45:20

GRATS Podium!
After the "Grande Casino", caused by Piero I was happy that I could finally bring the Honda back to the finish again. When Yannick passed me – great maneuver Yannick – the race was a bit boring.
11.10.17, 22:40:10
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Zitat von RomanZ:
Please fix the points standings table, I surely didn't get 17 points last night freuen

Hi Roman,

Table is fixed. Pushed the wrong button. Probably would have noticed while entering reko cards.

Greetings, Marcel

Übung macht den Meister, aber mir macht es nur Spaß. freuen
12.10.17, 18:07:10
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geändert von: RomanZ - 12.10.17, 23:27:08


Zitat von Charles Young:
Since I was in the wrong position I started from the pits as soon as the green button appeared. However, the pit signals were telling I was one lap behind the rest of the field.

I guess that's because when your pit stall is after the S/F line, the game doesn't count it as a complete lap.
12.10.17, 23:16:13
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Hello to all,
I wanted to excuse myself first of all for the problems of loyalty that obviously creates problems for everyone, if you think you can make the follow-up of the Championship and prefer not to participate to let me know and then to clarify.

Convinced that I would have to leave last at 20.30 pm I read a post from Marcel who informs me of having the green flag for the race.
I enter in Igor and I quietly launch the race to test.

Finish the tests a few seconds before starting the race I read in chat I had to leave last!
I'm at the stake, I think if I made the mistake and I had to be exhausted, I do not see the Flag and I'm panicking, the disaster there.

In the second part, I was thrilled trying to understand by re-reading the post posted on the Reko Forum I had received from Marcel.
Meanwhile in the chat I believe they have communicated something important that I did not understand!
Surely I did not understand that I had to leave Pit Lane, something I was reminded of in the chat, but I do not know how to do it from the Pit Lane and I have doubts on the track, finding myself in 3 positions.
The same problem in the second start, confusion ... not seeing the flag pushed me out of the runway to make it all go and go last.
Then I started and I really enjoyed it.

Sorry, probably it was better if the Green Card was not given to me or at least I think it was important for all the participants to know that I could turn around.

I thank you all and hope to have fun again without feeling guilty.

14.10.17, 19:29:43
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geändert von: REKO - 17.10.17, 19:27:58

17.10.17, 17:42:08
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