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Reko 67F2 - Pau - 11.06.2017



Start Zone
There was an incident in the Start Zone.

Bastian Grupp and Anders Ostlund make similar starts. As they approach the kink Bastian tries to make a pass on the right. The gap closes and there is contact between Anders right rear and Bastian's left front.

Bastian can continue - Anders can continue with damage.

Bastian should have backed off when the gap started to close.

The Reko decide - Bastian Grupp - Yellow warning for unsafe driving in the Start Zone.

There were no drivers with current penalties in this race.

Reko Mail
The Reko received a complaint.

As they start the last lap Fabian Casula is behind Marco Mercaldo.
At the kink Marco has a slide and loses speed. He regains control and is on the left side of the track.
Fabian tries to pass on the right but drifts to the left side of the track and makes contact with Marco.

Fabian gains a place and can continue - Marco is out.

The Reko decide - Fabian Casula - Yellow warning for causing an avoidable collision.

Shift times

Drivers with submitted PB will get a mail with the password on Sundays.
If you did not receive the password or did not submit PB and want to race please contact the race admins in GPLRACER iGor chat.

The Reko
17.06.17, 23:49:49
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geändert von: Fabian - 18.06.17, 10:00:14

I'm quite disappointed by both the filed complaint and the perception/reasoning behind it but I'm not spending any time/energy to go further into it beyond this post.

Marco, you realize that I was very forgiving all the laps before? I will adjust my racing accordingly.
18.06.17, 09:57:36
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Thx RekoMan zwinkern
18.06.17, 20:20:35
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