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Stefan Roess


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geändert von: Stefan Roess - 21.06.17, 15:50:52

Grats to the finishers and podium.

I still like the track, even so it is not really suited for racing (only for hotlapping or as a kind of a rally - could be fun with the Stratos mod) as it is impossible to overtake.
But the track is a real challenge to make no mistake.

Don`t worry roo. It was just unluck that you couldn`t avoid me. While I was spinning (after I got on the green at the end of s/f) I was happy that I haven`t lost a wheel, but that happiness didn`t last very long. lachen

Cu next time on wider roads. zwinkern

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21.06.17, 10:21:13
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geändert von: GrandPrixYannick - 21.06.17, 11:11:04

I am still pretty salty about yesterday.

So, qualifying went well. Apart from what disturbed me is that I regularly got held up by a slower car that did not waive in flying laps so I had to give up on laps.

Race went well as far as I did run.
At lap 2 I was behind Paul at the final hairpin.
His speed reduced much earlier than I anticipated so then I'd obviously want to move over somewhere else on the track.
The problem: I could not go anywhere !!! So really he only thing I could do was hoping that I'd just touch his rear so he overshoots the turn and I give the place back at T1.
But nooooo, collision box had the idea to launch me all the way to Narnia instead!

Sorry for that Paul.
But really, since I saw it was on the calendar I knew it was a stupid idea to race here but apparently it needed to be evident.

Utterly disappointed traurig

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21.06.17, 11:09:52
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paul skingley


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Since Colin fired me I knew race wins would be harder to find with the Cooper but for this race I probably had the best car.

I had run plenty of laps in training with consistent 1:44 lap times so I was expecting a mid grid start. As it happened I shaved a second off of that for a high 42 and pole.

The start went well but on lap 2 at the last hairpin Yannick braked too late and hit my car. I almost rolled but when the dust settled I was sunny side up and able to continue.
I re-joined but I pulled out in front of Pedro who had to brake to avoid me. Sorry about that Pedro.

The incident had cost me several places but luckily the car felt ok.

The track is not wide enough for two cars anywhere so I was going to be patient and wait for mistakes from those in front.
Stefan very kindly slowed and gave me his 3rd place.
I caught roo just as Roman went off at the esses so now I am 2nd.
In my mind I had settled for 2nd but roo ran out of track at the first hairpin so after 10 laps I was back in the lead !
That is how it finished.

Well done all those that survived.

Thanks all for racing and admin for organising.

See you after the summer break.


21.06.17, 11:26:54
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Laurent Coeffic


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Entering this race I was not very confident, because of the unforgiving nature of the track and also the very hot weather conditions in southwestern France.

Quali was OK, quite at the back of the grid but I didn't expect much better. I spent the first few laps behind Carlos and Pedro, but both went off the track. So early in the race I was already with no other car in sight. Well, there was at times some scary tyre marks at the braking zone of the first hairpin… which meant no good for the originator of these.
So it was mainly a hotlapping session from my point of view, the three front runners were already far and quicker and I was gaining on Bastian behind me. Later in the race, Pedro took the spot of Bastian and was reducing the gap, but with a good 20s margin there was no danger unless I made a mistake.

So the 4th place is good reward in the end, but this truly was an exhausting race !
I wish you all a nice summer break ! cool
21.06.17, 18:36:37
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geändert von: Pedro - 23.06.17, 22:43:04

Congratulations Paul,Roo and Roman!

Expected nothing from this race.........but got everything!!

Oké there is no room to pass, but the excitement en concentration were immense freuen

Lost a hairpin in the beginning of the race that displaced me from the podium (did I say that zwinkern )

Thanks all involved!
Hope you all have a splendid summer holiday, and to see you soon!
Greetings Pedro.
23.06.17, 22:42:16
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26.06.17, 17:05:17
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