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Reko 65 - Zandvoort 1967 - 28.03.2017



Start Zone

Philippe Girard current Yellow Card penalty, his shift times were investigated.
Reko Decision: Philippe Girard - Green status.

Reko Mail
The Reko received a reko mail to investigate the collision between Philippe Girard and Roman Zherebtsov.
Philippe collides with Alain and spins on the track after Jan de Wyker. Two drivers pass him while he is stationary on track.
He can't see or hear the following cars and they can't see him. As he starts moving forward to face the right direction, he is hit from the side by Roman.
Afterwards it is easy to say, he should have reversed to get out of the race line before trying to rejoin the race, but in the heat of the moment?
Reko Decision: race incident, no further action.

Shift times
Shift times were OK for all drivers.

The Reko
14.04.17, 16:03:18
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Thx Reko MAn freuen
14.04.17, 20:18:19
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I'm not sure about that decision. Most incidents happen "in the heat of the moment", does that mean no penalties anymore? Philippe should have known about the upcoming cars, it's not like he was at the very back of the field. Even worse, he moved to the trajectory in the most blind spot on the track, where I had no time to react. A stupid incident that could've been avoided.
16.04.17, 11:22:16
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