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Windows 10 has many features that "call home" to Microsoft.
Many features are not needed and can also have a negative effect when racing online.

This is a great freeware to that allows you to deactivate and activate Win 10 features safe and easy. freuen

O&O ShutUp10 - Antispy-Tool for Windows 10
Main site:

There are already 3 good presettings at the tab "Actions" (might be named slightly different, I use the German version).
1) greeen: apply all recommended settings
2) orange: apply all recommended and limited recommended settings
3) red (!): apply all settings (-> actually it won`t deactivate "all" settings, like Windows Updates and some other settings are still active, but you can turn them off easily with O&O ShutUp10 if you want to)

It depends on what you need to be running on your system.
I use the presetting red (!). Plus I turned off Windows Update manually with O&O ShutUp10, to make sure my system does not start to download updates while racing. At the end of every month I turn on Windows Updates and let the system install updates. Then I deactivate Windows Update again with O&O ShutUp10. freuen
Btw the Windows patch day is on every 2nd tuesday a month.

I also turned off OneDrive and sending URL of apps to the web store.

O&O ShutUp10 creates a Windows restore point before every change you make, so you can easily go back in case anything goes wrong.
But I never had any problem with the tool. Works great.

This is also posted at SRMZ here:
Win7 Vs Win10 (Gpl Test)

GPL Easy Installation Guide
GPL Empfohlenes Fahrer Verhalten
15.02.17, 17:56:45
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Thanks for sharing and clearing!!
15.02.17, 19:18:18
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