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As Pedro said, we have lost drivers because of REKO posts they disagreed on. The one in Zeltweg is a quite controversial one.

Zitat von AndersOE:

And according to the rules under §7, an "Objection to a penalty given by the ReKo is not possible".

To be fair, I feel this rule is the big flaw here. It's a lack of democracy. Drivers (only those involved in the regarded incident) should have the right to appeal against reko decisions and have it reviewed a second time, maybe with the opinions of some additional people (e.g. causer/victim, other drivers). Same thing happens in real sports.

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25.10.16, 22:15:33
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I can imagine how time consuming that appealing function would be. We, the Reko members, have normal lives to live too.
And the incidents are reviewed not only once , but twice, three times and even more by different Reko members.
25.10.16, 22:29:53
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Bastian Grupp


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I was already talking about th UKgpl system. I someone demands a reko, the others involved are asked to give statement. Maybe we can even use their system ? robert is involved. @ Robert ?
26.10.16, 00:15:29
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Robert Fleurke


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geändert von: Robert Fleurke - 26.10.16, 00:25:54

At UKGPL the drivers can submit incidents through the LM2 database system. Here at GPLRACER once I submitted an incident that I caused I think, so I guess a driver can give feedback. There is an appeal option at UKGPL, but it's hardly used (happily). Every league has it's own system. The moderating at UKGPL is very time consuming when there are (many) incidents.

I can understand GPLRACER's system, and Anders' reply. It's very time consuming and not very grateful work. Also when GPLRACER has always a red zone, it's a lot of work. I would simply suggest to respect REKO's moderating and decisions, even when you do not agree. REKO might be strict sometimes, but IMO it helps to have clean racing zwinkern

Most incidents do not need to happen, from my viewpoint, but at UKGPL I'm also known to be quite strict zunge raus

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26.10.16, 00:24:45
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