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Zitat von Fabian:
The only thing to improve imho is that certain drivers would volunteer to drive nore "handicapped" cars to (somewhat) equalize the grid. zwinkern

I would not be in favour handicap races. I tried it in previous leagues and left because of it.
If you put fast guys in slow cars and average guys in the fastest cars you have a recipe for a crash fest i.m.o.

04.07.15, 16:19:20
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05.07.15, 12:42:26
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Congratulations Uli, Paul, and Konni! Why is Paul listed as a Ferrari in the results when Uli's nice screenshot shows differently? Thanks for letting me in the race Anders, guys! I may have made things a little more difficult for Pedro and Anders but I'm glad I didn't cause any real problems from stupidity or a lack of discipline.

Zitat von AndersOE:
Grats to the podium.
Yannick can avoid me but not Greg. Sorry for your loss of positions Greg.

No problem Anders. I didn't really lose anything. It got me thinking I might need to turn off the smoke in GPL. The cloud of smoke had me confused about which way to go. I was a bit disappointed with myself. My luck would have me hitting the boss after he was kind enough to let me participate. I'm glad I slowed enough that neither of us seemed to suffer from a damaged car.

Zitat von ulrich Hofmann:

Nice to meet you again Greg, warm welcome to you, hope to see you in a competitive car next race.
Looking forward to Zolder

Thanks Ulrich! If I make the next race, I'll drive the BT23 or MS7. It will probably be a rare occasion that I can keep up with you and Paul. The F2s do allow me to run faster laps in the slipstream though. I can't find the current standings. I'll need to know which drivers to do my best to avoid causing problems. That was one of the reasons I used the 166. I wanted to do a little driving without having any real effect on the current championship.

Zitat von Pedro:
Congratulations, Uli, Paul and Konni freuen -
Then the Race, I thought letting Greg trough was the better option to avoid any form of trouble, I wanted to finish.
So I made a wide turn to let Greg go, kissed a pilon and the thing didn't want to let me go anymore

That's a shame Pedro. You were actually a little faster than I was. I was using your slipstream to keep up. Yannick was a bit too fast after he passed me later. I was hoping to use his slipstream to go even faster. I may have been able to do that had I been able to get the exit of Cimini correct. It wasn't until the last few laps that I finally started taking the correct line there.

Thank guys. It was kind of you to let me in the race on such short notice.
05.07.15, 17:08:06
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