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Hallo alle! Schön euch wieder zu sehen freuen . Leider hab ich jetzt noch kein Zeit wieder mit zu fahren, aber hoffentlich ändert das schnell. In der zwischenzeit, vielleicht kann ich durch ein anderes Weg hilfen freuen . Mein Deutch ist ein bisschen 'rusty', also habe ich das nächste in Englisch geschrieben. Hoffentlich gibt es keine Probleme freuen .

This is a texture update for the 1969 McLaren M7A, M7B and M7C. Drop these files in the car folders to install the update. This means putting them in the ...\Sierra\GPL\cars\cars69 directory . Do not replace the original car folders with the ones in this zip archive, but rather merge them together so all files are in the same car folder.

For example:

Merge folder c03 together with the original c03 folder, resulting in a single c03 folder located in the ...\Sierra\GPL\cars\cars69 directory. Do the above for all car folders to install the update.

These files are compatible with Irridux' 1969 season update, and the original, unmodified 1969-Extra mod. If you wish to install the Irridux 1969 season update after this update, please reinstall this update after you've installed the Irridux 1969 season update for everything to work correctly.

Online, car liveries have been divided equally under the starting numbers where possible, so not only the orange McLaren Cars livery can be driven online, but also the burgundy Antique Automobiles livery, as well as the blue Team Lawson livery. If you join the server chosing the 'M7A ZA-ES-ROC' graphics option, the starting number you'll be assigned to will decide whether you are racing in an an orange McLaren Cars car, or a blue Team Lawson car.

Offline, all these liveries are also available for the player. To install a livery, go into the car folder, and when there is an option available, click on one of the subfolders. Then, please copy the respective files into the main car folder. There is also a preview picture included so you know which livery you are installing. Standard, all player cars for every graphics option except the M7B low winged versions have the McLaren Cars livery installed. The M7B low winged graphics options have the Antique Automobiles livery installed.

Here are the main features of the McLaren M7A, M7B and M7C update:

- new car textures
- new wheel textures
- different wheels depending on graphical option chosen
- new steering wheel texture
- new engine textures
- optional choice for the player to drive the works, Elford or Van Rooyen car
- changing AI skins based on event, including the handwritten driver names on car tub


© Tommie van Ostade

This is not a Papyrus/Sierra product. Use these files at your own risk (although they should not harm your computer in any way).Please do not sell these files for money. This is freeware.

Thanks to Paul Skingley, and Klaus Hörbrand for WinMip!



ZIP: (58.45 MB)


7z file provided by Dangermouse: (4.34MB)§ion=attach&attach_id=25546

Es gibt auch andere Update bei mir, gücken Sie für mehr freuen .
17.09.13, 00:35:20
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Hi Tommie !

Nice to see this post from you in GPLRACER-Forum.

Many thanks for this nice update. Great work.:)

I have allready dl this update from SRMZ (and the others you do before) and integrate it in my new XP-computer (69X-mod). I have not test it for the moment. Only one thing i remember: the new files for the mirrors (no-objects-in-mirror) in your update are in lower resolution then the ones i have in my installation (maybe from no-objects-in-mirror). I let the old ones in my installation and save the new mirrors for later use.

Unlucky i don't drive the 69X-mod-series in this year. First i must train and be familiar with my new XP-computer. Maybe next year i will start in the 69X-series too.

I hope we see you on track.




17.09.13, 08:52:58
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Tom van Ostade


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Hi Achim! Yes it's true I resized the mirror textures, the originals were off lower resolution textures anyway so I decided to make them smaller to save some fps and keep it in line with the other cars' mirrors freuen
17.09.13, 10:24:03
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paul skingley


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Thanks Tommie
17.09.13, 12:26:47
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Thank you Tommie.
Great work.

Hope to see you on track too.

17.09.13, 13:57:06
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