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Folks, I come here to announce the start of something new in the league. An endurance championship with the GT Mod.

Furthermore, that will bring for the first time in the league's history the contest of the championships simultaneously. Note that this championship is not a tournament, but a regular championship, with the importance of an official season, but with a different proposal and structure.

I don't know what's your opinion, but I believe that this is a place to have fun, before any kind of competitive edge. And I think that testing many kinds of races is also having fun. Furthermore, that championship will fill many gaps in our calendar. My humble opinion, but I consider a crime waiting 3 weeks (21 days) for a race of an official championship, which would happen before Nurburgring.

Thus, I hope you prestige in any way this new championship, that is also very fun and helps a lot the rising of driving skills, once that this is a test for the concentration, strategy and regularity, fundamental items in a good GPL driver!


[*]Races will last between 1h30 and 2 hours
[*]Drivers can choose any car they want, but they need to use the same car for all the races
[*]Shift-r is free, but each reset must be followed by a stop-and-go inside the pitlane
[*]Pit stops are allowed for refuelling too


[*]Teams will be formed from the choice of cars (Team Ferrari, Team Chaparral, Team Porsche...)
[*]Only the 2 best cars of each team in a race will score points for the Factories Championship

Besides the general championship, there will be also the division of the dispute into two parallel series: GT1 and GT2

GT1 Series will be formed by the cars Ferrari, Lola, Chaparral (2D and 2F), Mirage, and Ford (GT40 Mk1, GT40 Mk2 and GT40 Mk4)
GT2 Series will be formed by the car Porsche

The fact that the cars have so much difference between each other doesn't mean that there will the dominance of a car. For example, despite being a lot slower on fast tracks (Le Mans, Tripoli...), the Porsche has great advantage on slow tracks (Adelaide, Zolder...)

11.05.13, 23:24:13
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Frank Müller


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sounds great!

Only the late long races (22:00 to 24:00 here) and no time for me to prepare avoid me to race with you.

I am right, the first race (Sebring67) is today?

12.05.13, 11:01:51
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21h UK/Portugal - 22h Italy/Germany/France

30 min qualy.

35 laps race.

Chat in igor is gplbrasil
chat pass gplbr
12.05.13, 17:30:51
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